The main benefit of outsourcing your projects or offshoring jobs to our network is our assurance that a legitimate digital agency / startup / freelancer is working for you, and an internal procedure is in place in case problem or failure occurs such as an immediate transfer of work in progress to other service providers in the network.

ICNetSys Inc. works with the following industries, but because we value so much about confidentiality of business deals and privacy of our clients and partners, we keep their company information only within our office.


Real Estate

We develop websites and systems for Real Estate firms and Licensed Real Estate Brokers across the country. These websites are used to generate leads. In addition, we provide SEO services to rank their websites on Google search results.


Banking & Finance

Other than websites used for generating leads for finance and loan consultants, we also develop analytics software for financial institutions.



Hundreds of websites are built for every insurance company and individuals selling their products to generate leads from Google search results.



Car companies and their sales managers as well as their agents outsource websites from us that they use to collect contacts from potential buyers. SEO and Ads are most common services we are famous for in this industry.


Fast Food

We develop online delivery websites for fast food chains as well as video marketing that go viral on social media like Facebook and Twitter.



Booking system for customers, websites to generate leads, SEO and paid Ads are services we do for tourism industry.



We do marketing for companies in gaming industry.


Media & Entertainment

We manage social media marketing campaigns for local celebrities, big personalities such as politicians and business tycoons, and big brands in the market.


Retail & Consumer-Product Manufacturers

We develop websites and ecommerce platforms for fashion apparel, accessories, gadgets and devices, large-scale interior design, food products, and much more.