ICNetSys develops tech products or technology solutions for the various industries from government and military to banking institutions and other private sectors.


Personal, Corporate, and Government Websites

Whether it’s for personal use, business, or government, we can always build robust websites with special layers of security to prevent anyone from making unauthorized changes in the websites.


Web-based Systems, Ecommerce, and Software

Our battalions of web developers and software engineers create exclusive programs to automatically manage customers database, products inventory, and payment processing with high speed and secure access.


Mobile Apps

Our exclusive team of mobile app developers builds native and cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


Big Data Analytics

We develop platforms that collect and automatically analyze historical data to predict the success and failure of business or operations. With our data scientists’ skills on engineering design, we help big corporations to efficiently manage their resources that will eventually reduce expenses and increase their net profits.


Artificial Intelligence

We have been building visual search and image recognition software, text-to-speech (speech-enabling websites and systems), and machine learning technologies.


Residential & Commercial Security Systems

We develop software for custom security systems and alarm solutions for home and business, e.g., video surveillance, managed access control, interactive office or home automation, etc.